I have been in love with Matcha Tea for a few years now and having tried various brands, none compare to the quality of Zenmatcha. That aside, the way I feel after a cuppa is what really exhilarates me. I feel renewed (without any jitters), energized, and so much clearer and able to get on with my day. I recommend it to all my patients and they love it too.

Bhavna Dagia (Acupuncturist and Health Counsellor) Stamford, CT

Hello Naomi and the zen matcha staff, This is Sophia, Mary’s daughter. I have been drinking matcha tea for over a year now and since then, I haven’t gotten any colds or flu. I feel great. I try different matcha teas that my mom bought before, but none of them can compare. I also enjoy that matcha bits. Many thanks to you all.

Yours Truly, Sophia

When I started drinking ZenMatcha, I was worried I’d miss coffee too much. Not only did I not miss coffee, I didn’t think about coffee at all! Not one cravingÖand I don’t get the jitters when I drink ZenMatcha, that I had become so accustomed to with coffee. What a relief!

Bronwyn Melville Westside Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine,Vancouver,B.C.

We absolutely love how ZenMatcha Green Tea enhances our concentration and focus. And the health benefits are too numerous to count. ZenMatcha is truly and experience for your mind, body and soul!

Sincerely Greg & Zee Phoenix, AZ

I’m writing this with a warm frothy cup of ZenMatcha in my hands, overlooking the Shambavi river in South India. The goodness of ZenMatcha has made it’s way from the Zen monasteries of Japan to the Ashramas of India. Yep, I couldn’t contain my excitement for my newfound elixir, and had to share it with my neighbors, who just so happen to be venerated Swamis. They just loooove it! They were previously drinking steeped, leafy, green tea ñ but it just doesn’t compare with ZenMatcha!

Govardhan Hebel Southern India

Dear ZenMatcha, I feel I must write and tell you how much I am enjoying your wonderful ZenMatcha tea. I have never been a green tea drinker until now, but ZenMatcha’s refreshing and invigorating taste, plus ease of preparation, especially using that great bamboo whisk , soon converted me! All of this, plus it is both calming and grounding, and at the same time energizing. The effects are amazing. A wonderful way to counter the mid-afternoon “droops” without the jittery, over-stimulated, sleep depriving effects of coffee. And the beneficial effects last all afternoon and evening. Thank you ZM! I hope many others will be able to enjoy and benefit from your wonderful attributes.

J. Smith Registered Nurse (retired), Cobble Hill, B.C

Most of my life I have been seeking an answer to the question “what’s being human all about?” The paths I’ve traveled in pursuit of this knowing have led to a diversity of wisdom teachings and practices that support mental and emotional clarity and congruent action. This is how I came to Zen Matcha Tea. A beloved friend, who is also on the path, offered me a gift of Zen Matcha Tea. After having taken the tea, I would recommend any seeker to add it to their practice and see what happens. For me, the experience of drinking the tea has led to an increased sense of mental clarity and physical harmony. Will this be true for you?

Namaste Barbara Zelnick, MA

Dear ZenMatcha, I would like to congratulate on your newest convert! I have been an avid coffee drinker for 13 years and was not able to stay away from a cup of java until I experienced your wonderful product, ZenMatcha. I felt the benefits of ZenMatcha from my very first sip… and I have not even had a desire to have a cup of coffee since. The benefits I experienced were immediate and this must be the exact reason ZenMatcha is recognized as the finest tea in the world. There is no better suggestion that I can give to diehard coffee drinkers than to try ZenMatcha… sipping is believing! Gratefully,

Ken Stethem Owner/Founder, Aegis Industries, Inc.,Monterey, Ca

I tried ZenMatcha for the first time about two months ago and have been taking it everyday since then! As a former Canadian Forces (CF) Member who was hurt in a Special Duty Area that resulted in numerous surgeries and subsequent Medical Release form the CF – I can say that since taking ZenMatcha; it has made such a huge difference in my life. I’m not one that is easily impressed, but I have to say ZenMatcha is the most amazing product I’ve ever experienced! I’ve been fortunate enough to rehab back to where I can now help others and this product goes a long way in ensuring a steady progress in my well-being…

ìSeanî Retired Canadian Forces, Ottawa, Canada.

Since I have been drinking ZenMatcha and taking the ZenMatcha Bits to school, my GPA, dental check-ups and attitude have all improved dramaticallyÖthank you ZenMatcha!

Bella Sofia Stethem Age 9,4th Grader, Pacific Grove, California

Matcha is not only for healing but is also one of the super foods one should not miss. What is good cannot be cheap! I can handle it, as long as it keeps me healthy and safe from illnesses. ZenMatcha saved my right eye (sore eye for years, could be from the stress, lack of anti-oxidants, lack of sleep, anything…). My doctors couldnít find anything wrong; even my opthamologist said that I have very healthy eyes (?). Naomi, believe it or not, the pain in my right eye that persisted for years and that worried me so much, just disappeared the next day of my very first ZenMatcha. My daughter and I don’t have any colds or flu since we have started drinking ZenMatcha twice a day. It will be our one year “anniversary” of drinking ZenMatcha this November! I can truly say that ZenMatcha is a miracle, an amazing thing that I have discovered. My co-workers called it a “superstition”. It’s expensive but it is worth it. People spend so much money on cigarettes, alcohol, coffee and junk foods, I don’t see why I cannot spend money for Matcha. Thank You Naomi for finding this magical Matcha and sharing with us. God bless you.

Mary Nguyen Santa Clara,California.

Like most good things, my discovery of Matcha happened by accident. I had planned on my usual Triple Grande Soy Latte at the local Starbucks, but I was short on time and instead ran into the nearby Whole Foods for my java. On my way to the coffee counter, I was offered a sample of Zen Matcha Latte. Since that first taste, I have mixed and enjoyed many drinks using Zen Matcha green tea. One of my favourite: A big scoop of Zen Matcha tea blended into one cup of steamed organic soy milk with a squirt of honey – a great way to kick off the day. Recently, I realized I had become a “Matchaholic” when the barrista told me they were sold out of the Zen Matcha and it would be a week before the shelves were restocked: during those seven days, I was in Zen withdrawal. A quick email to the wonderful people at Zen Matcha pointed me in the right direction and reassured me I wasn’t the only “Matcha Head” hooked on Matcha. Thank you for providing a great product! All the best!

Dr. Albert J. Haddad DMD, MSc, FRCD(C), FADSA, Dip NDBA, Profiles Oral Surgery 66 Avenue Rd. #3 Toronto, On M5R 3N8

As a longtime Matcha green tea fanatic after first trying Matcha in Tokyo years ago, I have looked for the truly top-grade, fresh real Matcha in stores and online for years. I discovered Zen Matcha at a recent opening of Whole Foods, and I immediately knew that I’d finally found the real stuff again, finally! After doing some research on Zen Matcha, their sourcing and quality standards, freshness, and overall mission, I’m happy to say that I will be a Zen Matcha drinker for life. I actually threw away the remaining two containers of another brand’s Matcha that I had been drinking, after doing a direct comparison! There’s no comparison. Zen Matcha is clearly the highest-quality, freshest real Matcha from the best tea source in Japan. You can literally feel, see and taste the difference. As my company BrainReady.com is dedicated to helping people fight aging and learn about the latest nutritional discoveries, we have just started recommending Zen Matcha as the one and only Matcha to drink, and so far our BrainReady users agree that Zen Matcha is life-changing! Great stuff, thank you to all at Zen Matcha!

Paul Sebastien, CEO, BrainReady.com

The interesting thing about drinking ZenMatcha tea is the unusual sensation I feel afterwards. Having been a long time tea drinker, I’m used to the slight caffeine hit from regular black tea, but the feeling I experience after drinking ZenMatcha is not so much a hit, but more like a smooth ride. It doesn’t make me feel edgy or wired, but calm and in control. The health benefits are a bonus for me, not to mention the quality of the tea itself. A wonderful find indeed!

Sidney Roberts Painter Vancouver, B.C.

“Drinking ZenMatcha tea gives me that little zing that I need, especially on mornings when I’m slow to get started. Also, if I’ve overindulged in foods or have food sensitivities, ZenMatcha seems to balance me out again and make me feel better right away. It even helps with stomach aches!”

Micki Ashurst Black Dog Cookie House Vancouver, B.C.

My sister has been trying to get me into Matcha for years, because I have been wanting to quit drinking coffee for years……I have failed time and time again for the last 5 years. I started drinking ZenMatcha about 2 weeks ago and I have not had a cup of coffee since!!! Better yet: I do not crave coffee at all!!!!!! The ZenMatcha has this strong, spicy taste that I love! It elevates my mood, and since I am usually a bit anxious in the morning it has calmed that down as well. I have a steady lift all day and sleep better at night. I wish I would have tried this stuff years ago! Christiane Neumann We first discovered Zenmatcha while on a road trip through the Pacific Northwest; what luck! We have been tea afficionados for many, many years but had never discovered matcha. Now we realize our first experience, Zenmatcha, was the best. No other type of tea I’ve experienced so significantly reflects the quality of the source. Living in Colorado we’ve tried other local suppliers and no other comes close in taste and satisfaction. My wife is susceptable to sometimes frequent migraines; her experience has been that a daily Zenmatcha dramatically reduces the occurence of her headaches! We both find that Zenmatcha provides the energizing effect of our long-ago regular espresso but with a completely different calmness instead of the coffee bean jitters. And not only is Zenmatcha the best we’ve found, but also the most reasonably priced (for a quality product), how do you do that ???? Thanks for the great “stuff” !

Leslie Getty Owner ìGetty Creativeî and devotee of tea and Zenmatcha, Boulder,Colorado

I found ZenMatchaTM at Whole Foods here in Pleasanton, CA and I am amazed. I take various medications for breast cancer and blood pressure – all of which have side effects including causing extreme tiredness. As soon as I tried the tea, I was more mentally alert and physically energetic than I have been in years. What a wonderful product! I have friends and family in Colorado and in Arizona who would like to order it now. You certainly have my permission to post my email on your website. Anything to help other cancer survivors. I only know how grateful I am to have found ZenMatchaTM. My quality of life was pretty much zero – no energy, fighting the side effects of the medications, just struggling to get thru the work day to collapse at night. Now, after drinking ZenMatchaTM, I am back to about 60% of my former energy levels and getting better every day. And far less depressed! I actually have the energy to clean my house and can go at least 4 hours without a break. PLUS I took a trip to Arizona, took ZenMachaTM in my water bottle and sipped it during the day, and I had no problem with the stress of travel for six days! You have no idea what a miracle this is for me. I am going to put a link to ZenMachaTM on my website too! www.melanieflores.com. One of the people I am going to send it to is my sister who has MS. I will let you know what happens to her. I will be watching for your online ordering, and will let everyone know. Thank you and Reiki Blessings

Melanie Flores Rev. Melanie P. Flores, DDiv, DMt Founder: The Huna O Hawaii Reiki Center

When something wonderful enters our lives, I believe it is our obligation to share it with others. I live my life by this philosophy and I build my business using these values. So after personally and professionally experiencing the immense health benefits of Zen Matcha (ZM) green tea, I have to share it with at least one person a day! As a wellness and fitness professional I have been drinking and recommending green tea for years. So, when a wise friend, who’s opinion I value with all my heart, introduced ZM to me, I said YES, to experiencing it immediately. Personally, I am quite amazed by the results. Aside from the marvelous energy I have since starting ZM about 10 weeks ago, I am astounded at the other physical changes. I am very athletic and train 5 – 6 days per week, in the first 6 weeks, I shed over an inch off my hips and buttocks and an inch off my waist! Many people are commenting, so I just keep telling them about ZM! And I also tell everyone that I made a conscious decision to NOT change anything else in my lifestyle or diet during this time. Professionally, I have been receiving remarkable feedback from many clients and friends in a very short time. I am looking forward to hearing more and more! Most days, I LOVE ZM with hot water in the morning, and then in the afternoon, I make a ZM latte with hot vanilla soymilk… WOW, what a delicious, comforting treat! Thank you ZM for making this unique, nurturing super-food available to us! You are making a significant contribution to the health and lives of many, many people.

Laura Simonson Founder, Live it! Wellness Coaching, Seminars & Keynote Speaking