Bamboo Whisk


These traditional, hand-made bamboo matcha whisks are called “Chasen” in Japan. They are exquisitely beautiful works of art, and have been created using a design which has been handed down for centuries in Japan. The original craftsmen for Chasen came from a family in the ancient city of Nara in Japan, and this family design for making perfect bamboo whisks was coveted for many centuries. It has since been taught to other artisans, making these beautiful works of art more available. This perfect design utilizes a single pieces of bamboo, which is carefully split and carved to produce a tool specifically for blending matcha powder.

Bamboo is used exclusively for making Chasen, due to it’s incredible strength and flexibility. Bamboo is also very symbolic in Zen tradition as it symbolizes emptiness (hollow), strength and flexibility which are all traits uphold in Zen Buddhism.

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Chasen or bamboo matcha whisks are a wonderful way to experience, and celebrate the true experience of drinking ZenMatcha!

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