Preparation and Storage of ZenMatcha Tea

Preparation and Storage of ZenMatcha Tea

If you are not using a bamboo matcha whisk, the simplest way to prepare matcha tea is as follows:

1. Scoop matcha tea powder into a bowl or cup (approx. 1 tsp per serving)
2. Add a small amount of hot liquid, and using the back of a spoon stir to make a smooth, green paste – like making “green” hot cocoa!
3. Then add the remaining hot liquid of choice (milk, soy, etc.) while stirring to create a smooth beverage.
4. Sweeten with stevia (vanilla stevia tastes the best), honey, agave, or any sweetener of choice.
5. A sprinkle of cinnamon is perfect with matcha!

NOTE: It is best to use hot liquids at a temperature below  boiling point, as boiling temperature will denature (inactivate) the important amino acids in matcha – most importantly l-theanine, the “bliss” amino acid. We recommend 140*, plus or minus.

If using a bamboo matcha whisk, the preparation is much easier:

1. Simply add the matcha tea powder to a small amount of hot liquid of choice, using a matcha tea bowl, cappuccino mug etc. Whisk briskly in a back and forth motion, not circular, to make a thick, green paste. (See our YouTube videos on “How to Mix Matcha Tea Drinks”).

2. Then add remaining hot liquid to the paste, and stir thoroughly. The matcha powder will dissolve quickly and easily when the bamboo whisk is used to make a smooth delicious drink. (Can sweeten and add cinnamon as described above)

Additional Mixing Instructions:

Due to the “settling” of the fine matcha tea powder in the containers/bags, we recommend “dry” whisking each individual serving of the matcha tea powder in a bowl/cup before adding liquids. The matcha powder can also be sifted using a fine sifter. Once the liquids are added, the matcha drink can be whisked as usual. This extra, quick and easy step of “dry whisking” will ensure a perfectly smooth, lump-free beverage!



Matcha tea is extremely sensitive to light and heat. The delicate, young tea leaves are ground as soon as they are picked in Japan, and then flash frozen to preserve freshness before grinding. Once ground, this fresh matcha tea powder is vacuum packed in tins or foil bags and shipped to us!  Once opened and exposed to light/air/heat, the matcha tea powder will begin to oxidize (degrade).

We suggest keeping your Zen Matcha tea in an airtight container protected from the light, and preferably in a cool dark place like the refrigerator.

Our ZenMatcha tins and bags are perfectly airtight and light-proof, and the tea will last up to 6-12 months if re-sealed in the bags/tins and kept in the fridge.


NOTE: We recommend using a healthy alternative to sugar when preparing Zen Matcha drinks to optimize its health benefits, particularly balancing blood sugar and losing weight. Our favorite sugar alternative is VANILLA STEVIA or PLAIN STEVIA. We find that vanilla stevia lends an incredible taste dimension to all matcha tea drinks! Vanilla stevia can be found at all reputable health food and vitamin stores, and as an herb it is a very safe and healthy alternative to sugar.

But be prepared!!! Stevia is many times sweeter than sugar, so you only need a few drops. Stevia is zero calorie, doesn’t cause tooth decay, and actually helps to balance blood sugar. All in all, a great sugar substitute.