J. Smith

“Dear ZenMatcha, I feel I must write and tell you how much I am enjoying your wonderful ZenMatcha tea.
I have never been a green tea drinker until now, but ZenMatcha’s refreshing and invigorating taste, plus ease of preparation, especially using that great bamboo whisk , soon converted me!All of this, plus it is both calming and grounding, and at the same time energizing. The effects are amazing. A wonderful way to counter the mid-afternoon “droops” without the jittery, over-stimulated, sleep depriving effects of coffee. And the beneficial effects last all afternoon and evening.Thank you ZM!I hope many others will be able to enjoy and benefit from your wonderful attributes.”

Bhavna Dagia

“I have been in love with Matcha Tea for a few years now and having tried various brands, none compare to the quality of Zenmatcha. That aside, the way I feel after a cuppa is what really exhilarates me. I feel renewed (without any jitters), energized, and so much clearer and able to get on with my day. I recommend it to all my patients and they love it.”

Govardhan Hebel

“I’m writing this with a warm frothy cup of ZenMatcha in my hands, overlooking the Shambavi river in South India. The goodness of ZenMatcha has made it’s way from the Zen monasteries of Japan to the Ashramas of India. Yep, I couldn’t contain my excitement for my newfound elixir, and had to share it with my neighbors, who just so happen to be venerated Swamis. They just loooove it! They were previously drinking steeped, leafy, green tea ñ but it just doesn’t compare with ZenMatcha!”