About Our Successful Story

The overreaching vision of ZenMatcha is to enlighten consumers with an ancient and powerful beverage. Aligning body, mind, and spirit in a metaphysical journey towards optimal inner and outer health.

Matcha is a remarkably healing, ancient beverage that has recently been introduced to the North American market, and ZenMatcha is truly paving the way.

Our company mandate is to offer the best quality of this wonderful tea at the most affordable prices anywhere. We want everyone to be able to experience the wonderful taste and powerful health-promoting properties of Matcha.
ZenMatcha is truly committed to helping heal the planet, one sip at a time!

As the first North American company entirely dedicated to authentic Japanese Matcha tea and related matcha products, we have been one of the very few tea companies to secure an exclusive supply of this rare and elite drink.

ZenMatcha has a powerful message, and our expertise with respect to health benefits appeals to both coffee and tea drinkers alike. We are intent on honoring the sacred history that empowers this ancient Japanese drink, while utilizing current research to explain the science behind its profound health benefits.